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Could your business critical IT applications be vulnerable to an extended outage or disaster at your primary infrastructure location?

Is data backup, swapping tapes and fulfilling restore requests really the best use of your time?

We offer secure, automated and cost effective cloud based backup and disaster recovery solutions. Talk to our team about a solution that would suit your business.

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Backup your data automatically and retain copies in our secure managed Cloud.

BaaS removes the need for investment in your own backup infrastructure, tapes and most importantly your own man hours spent on troubleshooting and restores.

You can choose to retain data copies for 1 month or up to 7 years. When you need to restore a particular file, folder or even an entire network drive, we promptly do that for you.

All this is delivered to you as a service for a monthly fee based purely on the total amount of data actually protected and not an over inflated quota - saving you money.

Replicate your on-premise virtual servers in real time to Brennan IT’s secure Private Cloud, where they remain continually refreshed. 

Brennan IT's Cloud Disaster Recovery allows recovery plans to be tested without disrupting production systems. This means your business can conclusively prove, rather than assume, that your disaster protection meets your requirements.

Cloud Disaster Recovery removes the need for significant investment in failover infrastructure. Its monthly, pay-for-use pricing model allows your business to fund a disaster recovery solution as an operational, rather than a capital expense.

Cloud Based Backup & Disaster Recovery

REPORT: Disaster Recovery Insights

In this report Lyncoln de Mello, Director of Cloud Services at Brennan IT, highlights the business cost of a disaster to businesses in Australia, as well as provides a guide on best practice disaster recovery planning.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Backup as a Service

Brennan IT's Business Continuity Solutions meet the requirements set out by regulatory bodies APRA and ASIC.