Don’t miss this vital webinar for tips, tools and insights to help you best structure, streamline and manage your hybrid IT environment

Today, more and more businesses are opting for hybrid IT environments – with an ideal mix of public cloud, private cloud and traditional IT capabilities. Similarly, hyper convergence – which is the latest in cutting edge solutions, allows businesses to run a whole raft of technology with software-defined hardware. It promises to radically change the way in which businesses manage, scale and support their assets.

When it comes to innovation and flexibility, a hybrid IT environment which incorporates hyperconvergence makes perfect sense – helping you:

• Optimise your applications and IT operations
• Deliver IT as a service for speed and agility
• Accelerate the delivery of apps and services
• Reduce risk and ensure resilience
• Take advantage of flexible consumption models

However, as an IT professional, managing a disparate collection of assets can be challenging. It requires diverse and, often, specialised expertise, particularly when you need to manage dated legacy systems. You’re also often charged with meeting security and compliance requirements, and delivering a flawless experience to your end users around the clock. 

Rather than wasting time and money on an underperforming and overly complex environment, why not consider a new approach?

What can be done?
To overcome this administrative overhead, improve overall system reliability and scale without adding extra server hardware, many businesses are now implementing hyperconvergence – and outsourcing their overall hybrid IT to a provider like Brennan IT. Learn more about the benefits of this approach – and if it’s right for your business – at this upcoming webinar.

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar to learn how you can:

Allocate your workloads. See some of the tools that Brennan IT uses to determine which apps go where, based on their security, cost and technical profiles.
Leverage hyperconverged infrastructure. Hear from HPE experts around some of their solution capabilities, including SimpliVity – which offers secure, highly resilient, on-premises infrastructure at cloud.
Improve security and compliance. Find out how engaging Brennan IT as your managed services partner can remote the risk and administrative hassle.
Accelerate the delivery of your cloud apps and services. Improve productivity and overall efficiency by ensuring your apps are being effectively and expertly managed.

Can’t wait? Want to know more before the webinar? Find more information about Managed Hybrid IT click here.

Key Speaker:

Dayle Wilson - Chief Operating Officer, Brennan IT
Chief Operating Officer of Brennan IT, Dayle has 20 years’ experience in the IT space; exclusively in the service provider market. He has an in-depth knowledge of, and practical experience in, the management of hybrid IT environments and cloud-based applications. Throughout his career he has received many accolades and awards, and he has a unique ability to approach technology from many different angles and perspectives.

Special guest speaker: Brendan Sit, Technology Evangelist HPE
Brendan joined Compaq in 2000, and has since gained considerable experience across many areas of the IT business. He is currently an integral part of the APJ team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) which focuses on the software defined infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions. He is an evangelist for the role that hybrid IT technology plays in this age of the idea economy. Brendan has been responsible for thought leadership, strategy, new business and channel development in India, South-East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, as well as for evangelising innovation and development of the HPE Hyper Converged, SimpliVity and Synergy solutions.